Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Way Down

Underworld Fans. I have been entirely blown away these last months at the interest expressed in our show, CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD. As such--and as host--I am embarking upon a bit of writing. A blog, to be sure, but depending on interest, more as well. Over the past months, it has become evident that ours was an unusual-enough effort, galloping the globe and diving below it, making inroads to the coolest netherplaces, to justify further exploration And so...

What follows are entries with links. At least, if I figure out how to make that happen--links to the many available clips online, articles of interest, stuff. We saw SO MANY PLACES that you wouldn't believe it and you really would be amazed by how much didn't find its way into the shows along with personal memories, anecdotes, tips, insights. Outlandish things that happened in every corner of Asia, Africa, Europe, and, of course, the Americas. I suppose you could piece it all together if you watched every show and then had a couple beers with me. But I'm trying to save you the trouble. Plus some of you don't drink.

For now, a blog. I hope you enjoy and please leave comments/questions and I'll engage whenever possible! Thanks!


  1. hey Mr Wildman, sir. It's going to be really interesting to be able to read your more indepth views and stories about the locations that you're not able to express through the show itself. Aswell as stories from behind the scenes :). This is almost like having a spin-off show of you in your smoking jacket, sitting in your big comfy armchair, a glass of brandy (or Japanese beer) on the table, pipe in one hand and a big ol'book in the other, reliving your memories with us. "Don's Tales From Deep Below" or something.

    Brilliant blog for a brilliant show. I still think the Egyptian episode and the African-Christian episode have been the best thus far. Keep up the good work.

    Dave :)

  2. I am eagerly awaiting future installments. You have been able to travel to places few of us ever will. Thank you for sharing your travels and your thoughts about the places you have seen!

  3. Hi Don,

    Love the show - Very unique, and never fails to raise excellent interest whit whomever I introduce it to.

    Hoping to see some of the unaired footage online if you are able to manage.

    If you have the opportunity to film in Sydney again, drop me a line (simon @ gdm power . com). As with many large cities, there's a very well established and large group of explorers here with an exceptional amount of knowledge. The footage i've seen covering sydney missed some of the very best and most interesting pieces.

    all the best with your future endeavours, and best of luck writing.