Thursday, August 20, 2009

Early Days

It is late summer now and I'm camped in Los Angeles doing more thinking than exploring. I wake at dawn to stumble into my backyard and close myself in the garage. That's where I have a makeshift office, where I turn on my laptop, open my books, and begin the daily descent to my inner underworld. Not always a healthy place to be. But not always bad, either. I mean, really, how many months can one traipse the planet in search of amazing adventures, both historical and physical? How many days and weeks in exotic locales immersed in foreign cultures and unique experiences? Yeah, okay--so, it's a little depressing that I'm here in the land of strip malls and freeways when there's a such world out there, one I've explored for three straight years. But there's writing to be done here and that's a good thing! Right? Right. Write!! Anyway, it keeps landing me in these places in my mind. And you don't have to buy a plane ticket to your own mind. So here we shall reside for a time to ponder burrows and bunkers, holes and hovels--the undergrounds, from the shows and not.

But first I'm thinking of all these folks who've written me in the last months from every corner of the earth. Wow. All these kind fans who've watched the shows around the world and written on Facebook inviting me to their countries to join them below. A kind of Underground Patriotism, really charming! I wish I had the wherewithal to do so--it'd be great. Visiting Andres in Columbia, Ana in Mexico, Fredrick in Toronto, Aleksandar in Serbia, a bunch of folks in Malaysia and Taiwan. Argentina. Israel. It never ceases to amaze me that some guy from New Jersey can talk into a camera and less than a year later people all around the globe are writing him notes. It's awesome--I'm really quite humbled. first installment, next post: Japan.

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